Thievery, my pity party and cat therapy

I have been feeling sorry for myself since I had my iPhone stolen right in front of me Monday afternoon. I fell victim to a distract, snatch & grab while treating my grandson to an ice cream. Sort of ruined my whole day and the joy of meeting with the police, calling phone provider to lock down the SIM and suspend my account, notifying my home contents insurer didn’t fill me with as much calmness as I needed. Oscar took it all in stride, stayed put when I went yelling out of the ice cream shop after the thief who disappeared like a puff of smoke. A nice family man ran ahead but couldn’t catch him. Maybe the CCTV footage will help identify this creep.

I remember decades ago when I was in a job doing out reach and my bosses wanted me to use a pager. Before cell phones, or mobile phones… that surely dates me. My first mobile phone years later was tiny and fit in the palm of my hand. No camera, no fancy apps, just made ringing home easier. Now I can’t live without this hand held technology. Like most of us who have our whole life on that iPhone. My memory for friend’s phone numbers is poor, yet I can still recall ID numbers for myself and my first husband. And the photos that I hadn’t yet downloaded to my home computer…. grrrrr. While chatting with the police they encouraged my grandson to take care of his grandma, of me. He chose that moment to confess that he gives his mama a hard time when she says no to stuff. Luckily they weren’t looking for confessions of 6 year old miscreants.

In the scheme of things this is a nightmare I would prefer to have never experienced. But as my daughter pointed out this kind of thievery is as old as time, just becoming a bit more sophisticated and slick. I won’t make the mistake of leaving my phone out in plain sight in future.

Calming measures were in order today so I played Beethoven, Mozart and other favorites on my piano. Black Jack came out to join me, Gypsy chose to stay in her favorite napping place. A nice cuppa at the farm cafe’ was a welcome diversion as well. There are many kind and loving folks at the farm to commiserate with my misfortune. But best of all was a walk through the farm with Black Jack and Gypsy Rose this evening. The air around the garden centre is filled with sweet smells of spring. The breeze blowing the tree branches, setting the wind chimes dancing and shadows cast by the street lights were magical. All in all life is much better with two cats in the yard.


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